12 Decorating Ideas Perfect for Renters

Want to unleash your inner interior design guru but are stuck in a rental home? Suffer no more because we are coming to the rescue with this handy guide. By teaming up with Brisbane’s most trusted property managers, Link Living, we have been able to create a guide to help renters add their own touch to their home, damage free. Here are 12 ideas that will help you transform your rental place into a stylish home that matches you.


1. Add Rugs

Add a fast floor transformation with a rug. Rugs have been adding personality and style to any room for centuries. They are also perfect for covering those ugly floors that you are not allowed to change. Combine this with complimenting furniture and you have just changed the look of an entire room.

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2. Get some clever storage

Rental places are notorious for their lack of storage. This is made worse by the fact that you can’t add custom cabinetry. So, what do you do? You look for furniture with clever storage solutions. Maybe a coffee table that opens up as a storage bin, or a bed with drawers underneath. You could get a TV cabinet with shelving to add some space for clutter and extra decorations.

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3. Plants are your best friend

Transform your rental home into a living paradise with plants. Whether they be fake or real, you can bring bright colours to liven up any space. If you have a green thumb, you could also add a small vege patch, or if you don’t have the space, herbs in small planters. Either way they will liven up your home.

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4. Don’t be afraid to put up your artwork

Your art or photos can transform any blank wall. Add personality to your living room with your favourite art or pictures. Worried about damaging the walls? Don’t use nails, instead try adhesive hooks. These are designed to hold significant weight while being easy to remove and non-damaging.

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5. Dress it up with curtains

Say goodbye to boring vertical blinds and hello to colourful curtains with your favourite pattern. Add new Venetians, cordless blinds or curtains. Be sure however, that you keep the old blinds to reinstall when you leave. When you install these new curtains also be sure not to make any new holes.

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6. Add more lighting

Some rental homes can have terrible lighting. It leaves many rooms feeling dull at night. If that’s your home then worry no more, there are many clever things you can do to fix it. One thing you can do is talk to your Landlord about changing the fixtures. They can install brighter bulbs and new fixtures that could brighten up those shadowy corners. Or, you could try adding a few lamps or fairy lights. Lamps will not only brighten up the room but are very stylish too adding some chic décor that will liven up the room during the day. Fairy lights, on the other hand, will turn your home into a fantastical paradise chasing those shadows away. Either way, you won’t have to worry about dark rooms anymore.

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7. Try removable wallpaper

This innovation in home decoration is probably something you have never heard of before. Removable wallpaper, as the name suggests, is easy to remove from walls without leaving any damage behind. This wallpaper is also easy to install and reusable! Could it trigger a wallpaper revival? Who knows! But it sure is making renters happy. Although, it is also advisable that you talk to your Landlord before installing removable wallpaper.

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8. Accessorise everything

Throw pillows, blankets, clocks, that weird British bulldog sculpture you got while on holiday in London! All of it is perfect for transforming your rental house into a space you can call home. Showcase your travels, your quirky style, and all your hobbies.

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9. Create a vignette

You can take your accessories one step further by creating a vignette. A vignette is a collection of objects usually homewares, vases, bowls, flowers and other natural elements combined with mementos and arts and craft. It is a little themed collection that you can display to add colour and personality to any space in your home. Give it a go!

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10. Line your cabinets and drawers

Turn your dusty, dirty cabinets into something fresh and new with cabinet and drawer liners. Unfortunately, with a lot of older houses and apartments the cabinetry will be very… well loved. To bring back that clean, fresh cabinetry feeling try lining the bottom of your cabinets and drawers with a liner.   


11. Fancy entertaining with a bar cart

Want a fancy bar for your home but can’t install it because you are renting? Try a bar cart! This little cart is sure to impress your friends. Not only do they provide the perfect spot for you to store your wines, liqueurs and glasses, they allow you to wheel it around the house, right to where the fun is. You can’t do that with a proper bar! They can be quirky or classy, fun and practical, all in one package.

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12. Transform your walls with a tapestry

Bring back this classic with a modern twist. Tapestries can add personality to any room effortlessly. If you are out of art or can’t be bothered hanging up all those paintings this could be the solution you are looking for. It will also cover all those marks and scrapes from previous tenants.

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Do you have any clever decorating ideas for renters to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!