The Ultimate Packing for Storage Checklist

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Renovating a house is a rewarding experience! You get to build your own dream home and sit back at the end of it all and feel pride in what you’ve created. However, it’s still a big undertaking and you need organization and dedication to ensure everything goes as planned.

The experts at Kent Secure Storage have put together some packing tips to help ensure that your belongings are packed properly, so you can focus on the renovation and rest easy knowing your treasures are safe. 

Declutter and Create an Inventory

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No matter where you go, the volume of your storage will always dictate how much it costs. You don’t want to foot the bill for unnecessary items, so you need to be ruthless while decluttering. Inessential needs should be sold, donated or disposed of. If you’re struggling with decluttering check out How to Declutter Your Home for Storage.

Once deciding what is getting stored, you need to start creating an inventory. You can then use this inventory to get accurate quotes from storage providers. It will also be your reference point for ensuring that everything that goes into storage comes out of storage.

Next step, packing . . .

You Need to Pack to Store

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Storage spaces aren’t like your spare bedroom or the storage space in your home. They can be prone to temperature fluctuations, mould, mildew, dust, dirt and pests. If you haven’t packed to protect your treasures from these elements they won’t last the distance. Delicate items, such as wooden and leather goods need to be double-wrapped and treated.

White goods need to be thoroughly cleaned before they’re stored. Dirty white goods will become breeding grounds for mould and mildew so make sure that dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and fridges have been cleaned, disinfected and dried before you lock the door. You should also prop open lids and doors to stop odours from building up.

Make sure that fuel and oil has been drained out of motorised equipment. It’s your job to ensure the safety of the space.

Get the Most Out Of Your Unit

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You paid for the space so get the most out of every inch! The best way to optimise your space it to:

·         Pack all the way to the roof! You can do this safely by using sheets of plywood to create stable levels in between your boxes.

·         Keep your boxes off the floor and away from moisture by using wooden pallets to create a layer across the floor of your storage space.

·         Make sure that any items containing liquid are double wrapped. You can’t monitor the space and even the smallest leak can become a disaster.

·         Make your life easier by creating a labelling system that corresponds with your itinerary. If you create a good system you’ll know where everything is just by looking at your itinerary.

Check out Kent’s Storage Checklist & Tips for even more tips and tricks.

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