How to Make the Most of Storage During Renovations

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Storage and renovation go hand in hand. Storage allows you to declutter your home so you can get the renovation done without shuffling belongings between rooms or worse, relative’s homes. On top of all of that, your builders will love having an empty house to work in, rather than having to tip-toe around all your treasured possessions.

If you go with a professional storage provider you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all your treasures are safe and sound, leaving you to focus on building your new dream home.

The experts at Kent Storage have passed on a few tips and tricks that’ll ensure you get the most out of your decision to invest in storage while you renovate.

Choose the Perfect Space

When you start shopping around, you’ll realise just how big the storage industry is. There is a multitude of options, all offering varying degrees of quality when it comes to storage space and customer service. To help you wade through the options, you need to ask the right questions. Make sure you cover off prices, volume, and the costs associated with pick-up and delivery. You also need to be sure that the space you choose is capable of storing all of the items that you need it. For instance, will the storage provider have room for your boat, car or caravans? You don’t want to enter into a contract only to discover that the provider can’t cover all of your storage needs.

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Know What Sort of Storage You Need

Self storage and professional storage are very different things. Self storage is a locked space that you have to pack and unpack yourself. Professional storage provides you with a more comprehensive service, offering 24/7 security monitoring, climate-control, complete protection from dust and pests and fire monitoring. Depending on the types of items that you’re intending to store, you might need to opt for a more complete service.

Pack for Storage

Pack carefully to ensure all your treasures survive their time in storage. Every item will have specific needs but the best way to look after your treasures is to wrap them in high quality materials, such as bubble wrap, heavy-duty professional grade moving blankets, or even custom crates. For information on packing for storage, take a look at our comprehensive storage checklist and tips.

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Give Yourself Breathing Room

Despite best intentions and efforts, renovations can run over time. To ensure your items aren’t left in limbo, extend your storage dates at least a couple of weeks after the proposed finish date. It’s better to pay for extra time than having to place your valuables in an unfinished house. Most quality storage providers will even offer flexibility around dates.

More than Storage?

Before settling on a storage provider, determine whether you’ll need extra services throughout your renovations. Will you need removalists? Or pick-up and drop-off of your treasures? These little extras can be a lifesaver for a busy renovator. It’s worthwhile going with a company that offers extra services because you never know when you’re going to need them.

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Follow these tips and tricks and the money you put into storage will become a worthy investment into ensuring the success of your renovation. You’ll enjoy the privilege of being able to move items in and out as the renovation unfolds and you won’t have to rely on the garages and spare rooms of family and friends.

About the Author:

This article is written and contributed by Sally Wood. She is working as a Communications Coordinator at Kent Relocation Group. Sally is also an avid reader and writer, and spends most of her time either immersed in a good story or writing one.