40 Gorgeous DIY Home Décor Ideas and Designs

driftwood fish

Personalised items, custom home décors and collections are what makes a house a home. Personal touches and effects separate the detached aura of a hotel room to the warm interiors of a lived-in bedroom. One way of putting your personal touch around the house is by creating pieces for it. Check out these gorgeous and creative DIY home décor ideas and designs;

1.       Succulent Planter

Attractive and easy to make, this DIY succulent planter will give your home a pretty pop of colour and a touch of farmhouse charm. All materials are recycled and available in most homes, you’ll just need a couple of hours to put them together.

succulent planter

2.       Weaved Tabletop

Give your living room a nice makeover by adding this rope-topped centre table. You can use jute or hemp for a more rustic look. Linen and nylon ropes will give a more polished finish.

rope tabletop

3.       Macrame Wall Feature

Easy wall project that will give your interiors an arresting hippie vibe. Get creative with colours and designs with macramé ropes. You can mix and match two or more colours, weave the ropes or just let them hang loose.

macrame wall feature

4.       Modern House Number

This sleek and rustic modern house number can be easily DIYed. For the base, use recycled wood available in your house. You can buy the aluminium digits from most hardware stores. They are also available in matte black, silver, chrome and gold.

modern house number

5.       Porch Lantern

Charming, striking and easy to make. Dress up your porch with this cutesy porch light. You will need a few pallet boards, nails, paint and a lantern. Decorate the lamp holder for the occasion – Halloween, Christmas or Valentine’s!

porch light

6.       Framed Branch

Rustic, affordable and unique. This eye-catching wall feature will give any room a unique countryside look. Find a good-shaped branch, carefully cut vertically into three parts, then assemble into three frames. Varnish for extra shine and to coat the wood with protection.

framed twigs

7.       Fabric Headboard

Add a snazzy flair to your bedroom with this quick and easy DIY project. Frame a plywood cut to match your bed size, cover with a thin foam, then with your choice of fabric. You can change the fabric as often as you fancy!

fabric headboard

8.       Window Vase

Dress up your windows with this charming glass and wood hanging vase. Using some pallet wood boards, create a square frame. Drill some holes on the top side where you’ll be hanging the glass containers. Add flowers of your choice!

window flower vase

9.       Driftwood Fish Wall Feature

Show them your ocean spirit with this creative and attractive driftwood wall project. Collect and dry driftwood. Using a strong glue, assemble the wood into the shape of a fish. Get more creative with other shapes!

driftwood fish feature

10.   Jute Towel Holders

These towel holders are functional as they are decorative. You will only need an hour to finish this project. First, braid a length of jute twine, knot the ends and then attach to the wall with some hooks. Done!

rope towel holder

11.   Crate Coffee Table

Got some fruit crates lying around in your backyard? Don’t throw it away. Instead, turn that trash into a beautiful coffee table. You’ll just need plywood for the base, four cleaned and dried crates, nails to put them together and varnish to finish off the project. Wheels can be added for mobility.

recycled crate coffeetable

12.   Seaside Windchime

Charming and whimsical. You don’t need to spend a penny on this easy to create windchime. Gather up some seashells, driftwood and coral pieces. Wash and dry them thoroughly before stringing them together. Get ready for some melodic sea tinkles.

seashell windchime

13.   Mason Jar Scones

This rustic and charming DIY project is also very current and millennial. Young hipsters would love this mason jar project. Clean and paint a piece of wood, add a hook to one of its ends. Paint and sand mason jars for a shabby chic flair, using some jute twine tied around its rim, hang the jars against the prepared wood boards. Add your favourite greens or flowers.

mason jar scones

14.   Old Bike Wheel

Recycled items are popular materials amongst top DIY home décor ideas and designs. Very quirky and very pretty. Turn an old bike wheel into this attractive and fanciful wall feature. Clean the wheel and spray paint with cooper. Dry thoroughly then dress up with flowers, leaves or twigs.

bicycle wheel wall feature

15.   Pallet Nightstand

Functional, creative and beautiful. To make this space-saving nightstand, you’ll need a couple of pallet boards, basic carpentry skills and a couple of free hours. Cut and assemble the wood, varnish, install and then attach the lamp. Easy.

pallet nightstand

16.   Wine Cork Board

Show your love for good wine with this resourceful and functional DIY home décor. Arrange and glue the corks into a shallow and circular aluminium pan. Glue around the pan a length of hemp twine and you’re done! Start pinning notes, reminders, images and cards.

wine cork board

17.   Hexagon String Room Divider

This project might look complex and time-consuming, but it’s easy enough once you get the hang of it. First, create hexagons with inch-wide thin wood slats, attach two hexagons with small nails allowing space between the pairs. Whorl bright-coloured strings through the nails between the slats to create a web.

hexagon wall divider

18.   Garden Pebble Mosaic

Give your garden and front yard an instant facelift with this pebble mosaic. This DIY project will just need your time and patience in collecting, sorting out and arranging the stones. But the result is a picturesque walk that your guests will surely notice and admire.

garden pebble mosaic

19.   Beachy Candle Holder

This easy to create candle holder is pretty enough for candlelight dinners, bedroom mood lighting and outdoor accent lights. You will need to half-fill a large glass bowl with sand, decorate with seashells, coral pieces and stones and then set the candle holder in the middle.

glass bowl candle holder

20.   Pallet Picture Frames

Charming, nostalgic, creative. For the base, put together some pallet boards, paint with white, then for that shabby chic finish. Using a different colour, repeat the procedure on the picture frames. Choose your best photos to display.

pallet picture frames

21.   Minimalist Planter Stand

An easy and modern DIY project for the modern home. Using an inch-thick wood piece, put together open cube frames of varying heights. Sand the frames for that sleek, minimalist look. You’re ready to put up your plants!

minimalist planter pedestal

22.   Geometric Barn Door

Barn doors are on-trend for its farmhouse charms and space-saving features. This spruced up barn door is eye-catching as it is unique with its slats and light fern shade. Create your own design using materials that are already available.

geometric barn door

23.   Rustic Serving Tray

Serving trays are handy in transporting meals, dishes and other small items. If you make it pretty enough, a serving tray can also be a decorative feature of the home. This farmhouse styled serving tray is made of pallet boards and a pair of cabinet door handles. The plaid feature makes the tray unique and adds up the charm.

rustic serving tray

24.   Yarn Orbs

Colourful, eye-catching and fun! Yarn orbs are easy to create, you’ll need spools of yarn of your pick of colours, glue and balloons. Blew up the balloon to the size you want your orbs to be, dip the yarn in water -and-glue mixture then wrap it around the balloon. Dry, then pop the balloon and carefully remove it from inside the orb. Done.

yarn orbs

25.   Driftwood Chandelier

Creative, charming and beautiful. This very pretty and romantic driftwood chandelier will only need your creativity and time. Find a sturdy and good-shaped driftwood, clean and dry it. Using a thin metal chain, hang recycled bottles containing candles and plants.

driftwood chandelier

26.   Wood Wall Art

This stunning work of art is a mix of artistry, patience and basic woodworking skills. Cut wood with angles on one end, flat on the other. Individually paint the blocks using several colours. Arrange and glue to a base.

wood wall feature

27.   Modern Concrete Planters

Geometric concrete planters are in vogue. The natural shade and basic shapes are in line with the wildly popular minimalist designs. Use moulds you can find in the house like ice cream tubs and other used plastic containers. Paint with golden accents for a hint of luxurious style.

modern concrete planters

28.   Pallet Window Box

Window flower boxes have been with us for centuries, but they still continue to amaze and surprise us with its charms and beauty. Pallets are common to many DIY home décor ideas and designs. Build your own window flower boxes with pallet boards, skip the paint for a more natural and rustic look.

window flower box

29.   Golden Toy Frame

This is one home DIY project you can create with your discarded plastic figure toys. Instead of throwing them away, immortalise them into an avant-garde picture frame. Collect and glue the toys around the frame, spray paint with metallic paint, and you’re done!

toy lined frame

30.   Tin Lanterns

Easy, quick and no-spend DIY home décor project. Collect and wash discarded tin cans. Wrap with coloured paper and then drill one hole near the rim. Pass through a length of twine and use it to hang the lanterns. Light up some candles inside and your lanterns are ready.

tin candle holders

31.   Dream Catcher Mobile

Charming and whimsical. Creative and beautiful. You can buy coloured feathers and thin metallic threads from your favourite craft shop. Collect twigs in your backyard. Create a circle with your twigs. Hang three or four feathers to a line, then hang it around the twig circle. It is best to hang the mobile where there a breeze.

dream catcher mobile

32.   Framed Plants

You don’t have to be into botany to enjoy these creative and stunning framed plants décor. For this project, you’ll need glass panels, frames and your choice of leaves, flowers or plants to frame. Carefully arrange the plant to preserve before you press them between two glass panels.

framed plants

33.   Wood Slice Nightstand

Quirky, exceptional, unforgettable. This simple DIY project will give your room character and lots of rustic charm. Find a good-sized wood slice. Clean, dry and paint or varnish it. Drill three holes around its rim and pass through ropes to hang.

wood slice nightstand

34.   Hexagon Wall Shelves

These striking hexagon wall shelves don’t just decorate the wall, it also helps contain the clutter and serves as a display platform. The beehive pattern is attractive while its brown and orange colour combi is pleasing to the eyes.

hexagon wall shelves

35.   Shutter Planter

Got some discarded shutters to throw away? Hold on to it and transform it into this charming wall planter. Paint and sand the shutter to achieve that charming shabby chic finish. Round up some used bottles and secure to the shutter with metal clamps. Add your choice of flowers or plants.

shabby chic shutter planter

36.   Crate Shelves

This sleek and stunning wall shelving is made of used wooden crates! Carefully cleaned and sanded, the crates are then arranged, put together and painted before it is installed against the wall. This will fit right into any modern home designs.

recycled crate shelves

37.   Hula-hoop Chandelier

Whether you are decorating for a party or every day, this hula-hoop chandelier will make an impression. Using a strong duct-tape, attach fairy lights around a sturdy hula-hoop. To hang, tie twine or rope to at least three points around the perimeter of the hoop, join the ropes and secure.

hula-hoop chandelier

38.   Branch Lamp Stand

No lampstand? No problem. Just find a tree branch that can serve as the stand. Tie a glass bubble light with twine and wrap around the branch, letting the pendant light hanging from the top end. Minimalist, rustic, naturally beautiful.

branch lampstand

39.   Succulent Wall Planter

This sophisticated-looking succulent wall garden is really easy to make. You can use flat tins or aluminium baking sheets for the container. You will also need glass panels for the fronts of the container. Fill the container with white gravel, you can buy that from pet shops. Line the gravel with your choice of succulents.

wall succulent terrarium

40.   Bicycle Wheel Chandelier

Add a strong industrial vibe with a hint of vintage. This recycled bicycle wheel chandelier is creative and striking. The wheel is painted with matte black. Attach thin gold chains to create a cascading shape. In the middle, hang a plain bulb light.

recycled bicycle wheel chandelier

Do you have any stunning, creative and beautiful DIY home décor ideas and designs to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!