25 Incredible DIY Makeover Ideas and Designs

home office makeover before after

Home décors and designs fade and go out of fashion. While it is best to renovate and remodel to upgrade the interiors, resources like money and time are limited. A little DIY work to fix a dated style, to refresh a faded look or to improve a flawed design will go a long way. Here are examples of successful DIY makeover ideas and designs that can inspire your creativity and fill your weekends;

1.       DIY Shaker Door

Upgrade your generic flat door quick and easy. Just add plywood to the sides and three vertical bars. Then paint the whole thing white and add a black handle for that delightful Shaker look.

door makeover before after

2.       Repurposed Trunk

Don’t throw away Grandma’s old trunk just yet! This lovely centre table with storage is a converted old trunk. With updated hardware, a fresh coat of paint and a few added accents, you get a whole new furniture with very minimal cost.

trunk makeover before after

3.       Mailbox Makeover

Improve your kerb appeal by transforming an old and tired mailbox into this bright and eye-catching marker. Install your old and repainted mailbox with a newly painted post that comes with metal house number and a quaint flowerpot. No one will miss your house again.

mailbox makeover before after

4.       Chandelier Transformation

From old and worn-out to chic and fabulous! Breath new life into an ancient chandelier by removing the dated shades, spray painting the whole thing with matte black, replacing old bulbs with clear ones and adding some chic crystals.

chandelier makeover before after

5.       Pallet Wall Feature

A panel of pallet wall accent will add a touch of rustic charm to the washed-out living room. This nondescript living room gets a much need boost from a fresh coat of white paint, white curtains, reupholstered chairs and from the eye-catching pallet wall accent.

living room makeover before after

6.       Kitchen Makeover

The same kitchen, two very different looks. A coat of fresh white paint breathes new life to the dated kitchen design. The kitchen cabinets were refaced with white paint, while the splashbacks were also whitewashed for a cleaner look.

kitchen makeover before after

7.       Bathroom Change

A beautiful bathroom gets a much-needed makeover. Out with the dated raised panel cabinet doors, in with flat panel doors. Replace the full mirror wall with a pair of framed minimalist mirrors. Lastly, replace the dated countertop with a sleeker material like marble or soapstone.

bathroom makeover before after

8.       Yard Reimagined

Do not let your yard go vacant and unsightly. Turn a vacant lot into a private hub by installing a fence or screen walls, adding pavers to tame the grass, a water feature, a fire pit and some comfy seats.

yard makeover before after

9.       Ceiling Fan Update

Update its look instead of replacing your old and still functioning ceiling fan with a new one. Carefully spray paint the body with modern colours like grey, black or white. Do the same with the fan paddles, you can opt for a different shade of the same colour. Lastly, replace old bulbs with sleeker and brighter ones.

ceiling fan makeover before after

10.   Stairs Transformed

Transform your old and dated stairs quick and easy. Remove any carpeting, paint entire stairs – treads, risers, railings and balustrades. For a chic look like these updated stairs, go for the classic black and white combi.

stairs makeover before after

11.   Boring to Pretty Powder Room

A few wood planks, time and carpentry work are all you need to transform a boring powder room into this nice-looking and welcoming one. Line the end wall with wood planks, add some floating shelves and mood lights. Done!

powder room makeover before after

12.   Dressed Up Dining

Recreate your generic store-bought dining table set into this charming and unique hub. Line the tabletop with recycled wood planks then paint the rest of the table white. Paint the chairs with chalk paint and strategically sand off for that charming shabby chic look.

dining table makeover before after

13.   Bedroom Update

From a boring hastily put-together bedroom, to a delightful personalised space. Reposition the bed to catch the light from the windows, add a pair of nightstands and lamps, replace the generic prints with personal ones and add accents that reflect your personality.

bedroom makeover before after

14.   Patio Rehab

Turn a nearly useless patio into a delightful hub with a few changes. Banish the trash, extend and replace the cemented floor with composite wood flooring, add a bar by opening the kitchen window, repaint the outside walls and then add a charming accent like this hanging basket seat.

patio makeover before after

15.   From Drab to Fab

Change an eye-sore of a backyard to an attractive space. First, rehabilitate the fence, add some flower boxes and built-in seats. Nurture the grass or lay synthetic grass, refinish the patio and then repaint the outdoor furniture. Lastly, complete the makeover with some outdoor lights.

backyard makeover before after

16.   Window Dressing

Out with dark and musty curtains, in with light curtains and bright windows! Replace chunky furniture with smaller and sleeker ones and remove the clutter. You get a brighter and more spacious living room.

living room makeover before after

17.   Quick Front Door Upgrade

Upgrade a plain orange door into this attractive and unique entry. Just by adding wood panels of different patterns and grains, the old orange door is not a modern, rustic and chic front door. Update the fixtures to match the door’s sleek design.

front door makeover before after

18.   Easy Laundry Room Remodel

A couple of changes bring a huge improvement to this laundry room. A wood counter/shelf is added, and the wall gets a sleek look from the subtly striped wallpaper. From a topsy-turvy space to a more put-together and efficient laundry room.

laundry room makeover before after

19.   From Boring to Bright

A fresh coat of white paint, a new bed, lamps, and crisp sheets can make a whole lot of difference in a bedroom. The chunky bed with head and footboards makes the room look crowded. Replace it with a sleeker one with a see-through headboard and without a footboard. Add in charming details like the printed rug, white curtains and perky pillows.

bedroom makeover before after

20.   Verandah Revived

Turn a boring verandah into a snazzy one fast and easy. Paint the interiors with white, add bright accents like the blue rug and chairs and replace dated furniture with newer ones. Burlap curtains are also added for shade and privacy when needed.

verandah makeover before after

21.   Shower Floor Update

This easy shower floor improvement is easy, cheap and will give you a new and safer shower. The slatted wood shower floor mat will eliminate slippery floors, facilitate drainage and looks amazing too. The incorporation of the wood element to the design brings in a modern rustic and spa ambience.

shower floor makeover before after

22.   Pantry Makeover

Most kitchen pantries are just a pile of food shoved in to fit limited space. But, instead of adding another cabinet, work on what you have. This pantry makeover includes adding shelves and organisers and replacing the old one with U-shaped shelving. This will facilitate access and the additional layers will accommodate more stuff.

pantry makeover before after

23.   Fun Home Office Transformation

Does your home office look like a stressful workplace or a fun and creative hub? Improve home office productivity by creating a bright and amenable space to work. The regular chaotic office set up is turned into a colourful and bright office space where work gets done.

home office makeover before after

24.   Closet Rehab

Make is easier to keep up with closet clutter by organising it better. Adding shelves, drawers, dedicated spaces and basket organisers will make it easier to sort, organise and manage closets. Throw away, donate or sell excess and unused clothes to free space.

closet makeover before and after

25.   Easy Living Room Update

From a drab living room to a lively and lovely one. The beautiful makeover includes adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing the old and tire rug, adding curtains and decorating with colourful and delightful accents.

living room makeover before and after

Do you have any impressive and creative DIY makeover ideas and designs that we haven't covered? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!