Weekend DIY Project 1: Frosting Glass with Spray Frosting Paint

frost 5.jpg

Glass walls and windows provide us the openness to the outside views and let us enjoy optimum natural lighting. However, the transparency also compromises our sense of privacy. Frosting is a great solution to adding privacy without blocking the views and natural light. And with the right patterns and design, it can also transform a rather ordinary window or wall to something stylish and extraordinary.

Frosting windows, walls, and other glass panels are best done by professional decorators and renovators as they have the training, skills, and tools to do the job. But it is also easy enough to learn and anyone with the right dedication and time can start frosting their own glass walls and windows.

Make frosting a fun weekend project. The key is to first learn the basics, get the right tools and materials, and practice. Start on small glass panels that you can easily hide, like your bathroom window. As you gain experience and confidence, venture into more intricate patterns and larger, more visible glass panels in the house.

For this project, you will need the following tools and materials;

Painter’s Tape

You will be using the tape to cover and protect the edges and to create straight line borders. You can use other temporary adhesive but make sure that it is strong and sturdy enough to withstand wetting and comes with light adhesive so it can be easily removed after the frosting.

Glass Window Cleaners

A Squeegee is perfect for this project. But you can still use other window cleaning implements you have at home. You will need water and mild soap to wash the glass and soft cloth to dry it off.

Tracing Paper

Kraft paper will be used to cover and protect large areas of the glass that you want to remain clear and transparent. Tracing paper is also used to create fancy patterns. You can use other types of paper, just make sure that it is tough enough to withstand wetting without curling and clumping.

Glass Frosting Spray Paint

There are many types of glass frosting spray paints that you can buy from your local hardware and DIY shops. When choosing the right frosting spray paint, do not hesitate to ask for assistance or consult with decorators for your best frosting options.

Steps in Glass Frosting

Clean the Glass Surface

Thoroughly clean and dry the glass you will be working on. Use water and mild soap to remove dust, soot, and grime encrusted on the glass surface. Completely dry before starting on the next step.

Tape the Borders

Carefully cover the borders of the glass pane, door or window handles, and other areas you want protected from getting sprayed on. Make sure that your borders are straight and symmetrical.

Tape on Tracing Paper

frost 7.jpg

This is an optional step and will only apply if you want to include patterns or cover up a large area of the glass. Measure and cut the paper are desired then position unto the glass. Secure from underneath with folded tape of with double-sided tape.

Spray on the Paint

If you are satisfied with the glass setup, you are now ready to spray on the frosting paint. First, vigorously shake the can for about a minute. Test spray on a piece of paper. If the spray is consistent, you can proceed to spraying on the glass. Spray thin and even. If you want a heavier frost, spray another coat after few minutes.

If the can produces uneven spurts after the initial shake, wait for about a minute then shake and test again.

Complete the Work

Leave the frosting paint to dry for at least three hours or check the recommended duration in the paint can. Some paints require longer hours to set in. Do not attempt to remove the tapes before it is ready.

Test by touching the frosting paint on the paper. If nothing transfers to your finger, it is ready. You are now ready to remove the paper and tapes and reveal your work. Gradually peel off the tapes. Use a sharp knife to gently trim off excess paint.

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