10 Easy Projects to Instantly Dress-Up a Blank Wall

A house becomes a beautiful home when it is full of mementos and personal touches. And nothing shouts boring than empty walls. A good decorator can help you dress up your walls. Don’t have the time, money, or permanence yet to engage a decorator? You can still instantly transform your blank walls to interesting platforms with these easy DIY weekend projects.

A Photo Collage

Collect and print your favourite photos. Frame them up in similar settings. Clean industrial and antique frames are among the top choices. You can go for a uniform shape and size, or go wild with a cluster of photos, each with an interesting story, in different frames, shapes, and sizes.

String Art

A string art installation can be a great conversational piece and can instantly light up any drab wall. It can be a colourful collection of shapes, a phrase, or your name spelled out in strings. Preparation is important. First, picture the final output. Draft the design, determine nail points, and plan on the colours to use. You might not be able to get it right the first time, so try it first on a spare plywood or plank. You may re-use the nails and the strings, but you don’t want ugly puncture points in your wall.

Fabric Canvases

This is an easy weekend project that will instantly bring a pop of colour to your walls. Buy several canvases from any DIY or art shop. Then look for strong and stretchy fabric with interesting patterns. Get two or more complimenting colours and designs. Stretch and secure the fabric over the canvas, and arrange them on the wall. Easy.

Wall Decals

Decals are wall stickers that you can use to transform a blank wall into an interesting facet of your home. You can buy pre-designed decals in many of Brisbane’s decorators’ shops. To make it more remarkable, customize your decals using your favourite photos or personal designs.

Indoor Living Wall

Creating an indoor living wall will only take a weekend to complete but might take some weeks to accomplish the desired result. But the awe-inspiring effect of having an indoor garden will definitely be worth the wait. Choose your plants carefully. Low light and low maintenance plants like ferns, lilies, and vines are preferred. Also chose plants that naturally improve air quality.

Stenciled Wallpaper Art

This project would need a good eye for design. Stenciling your walls is a creative way to relieve a rather flat surface and give it some character. Research for some great designs, and pick one that you can handle. Take the time and effort to practice. If you prefer a design that you think might be too much for you to handle, call for help. A lot of contractors will be able to provide you with intricate and fascinating stenciled walls.

Clip Boards

This is an easy way to jazz up the walls for people who don’t have much time to spare or creative hands to work with? Just print out some colourful phrases, images, or designs, clip them unto some clipboards, and hang them on the wall. Voila!

Simple Abstract Paintings

Here is something for all frustrated artists out there. Cast a cool bohemian vibe to your space with splashes of colours on your walls. Use a couple of large canvases or several smaller ones. Splash on simple designs, geometric lines or shapes, or just a variation of one shade. Arrange on the wall.

String Lights and Canvas

Get your inner handyman to work, and create an attention-grabbing piece for your wall. Use a piece of plywood, white foam, or canvas to serve as your platform. Create designs by boring holes on it. Glue or tape strings of LED lights behind the board and voila! You have a mesmerizing lights display. You have endless options of light colours and blinking, dancing, or steady lights. Ideal for people who likes ambient light.

Spray Painted Leaves

Love paintings but don’t have the skill for it? You can also create your own masterpieces with the help of spray cans and leaves. Gather several leaves of different shapes. Artfully arrange them over canvas and spray with paint. You can also add small branches to pump up the nature effect.

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