Tips on Creating your Zen Bathroom on a Budget

The bathroom is the ultimate comfort zone and personal refuge. Zen themed décor are popular for their comforting and relaxing ambience. With the onset of smart homes, internet connection and home offices, the traditional concept of home being a sanctuary is no longer plausible. Thus, the rise of the Zen bathrooms.

Transforming your traditional bathroom into Zen is easy and you do not even need to spend large amount of money. Here are some simple and affordable steps that will transform your ordinary bathroom into a place of calm and tranquility.

black and white modern bathroom

Cut the clutter

Zen and minimalism come hand in hand. Clutter contributes to stress. First step to transform your ordinary bathroom into Zen is by clearing all clutter. Hide all toiletries and keep them organized. Throw all unnecessary items like empty bottles, old toothbrushes and expired cosmetics.

natural elements bathroom

Dim the lights

Install dimming lights. If you want to keep the regular lights, you can ask your electrician to include dimmer controls. Better yet, add candles for a more romantic touch.  Diffused light is soothing and relaxing.

modern zen bathroom

Go earthy

Cover up bright coloured walls like pinks and purples. Earth tones conjures peace and relaxation. Go for beige, earth ochers and browns, muted greens, steel, gray, and white. Stick to natural marble patterns and tile colors. Avoid brightly patterned tiles.

rustic bathroom

Bring in the wood

Rustic décor evokes warmth and nature. It is easy to integrate wood into almost any style. A bench, wooden bowls, shelves, cabinets, or wood mirror frames can be easily added. Faux wood tiles will perfectly complement your rustic theme.

Add towel warmers

Nothing is more comforting than a warm soft towel after a good soak. Installing a towel warmer could be a bit costly, but the extravagance will be well worth it – especially during chilly nights. Towel warming bars are the more affordable option to the warming drawer.

Stones, sand, and plants

Add as much of the outside in. Line your shower floors with smooth stones with interesting patterns and colors. A lily, orchid, fern, or a miniature bamboo can add color and vibrancy to an otherwise cold room. Colored sand would look great in jars or can be your candle holder.

Zen elements

Remove all electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgetry like cell phones, televisions, and computers might be able to keep you updated and entertained but will also contribute to stress. Eliminate all sources of stress from your Zen bathroom. Leave your phones, tablets and computers outside.

Add soothing sounds

A nice soothing music can help you eliminate the outside world. Nature sounds, meditation music, or your favourite classical playlist offer a calming backdrop to your most private and indulging moments.

Play up the scents

Complete your bathroom transformation with aromatherapy. Mint, lemon, and eucalyptus are invigorating. Sandalwood, thyme, lavender, and jasmine are popular for their calming and relaxing effect. You can use potpourri, a diffuser, candles, or sticks to enjoy the soothing effect of aromatherapy.

bathroom aromatherapy

Keeping your bathroom squeaky clean and clutter is important to maintaining the serene atmosphere. Immediately take out trash, hang towels, keep clothes off the floor, and clean up after use. These will keep your Zen bathroom ready for your next spa session indulgence.

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