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Retiling is one of the quickest ways to transform the appearance of an outdated, shabby bathroom, particularly if you are content with your current layout and fittings. Trends in bathroom design have seen a move towards dynamic and luxurious surfaces, featuring high quality tiles with gloss, matte and natural finishes. Before you start your retiling project, why not check out the key tiling trends in contemporary bathroom interiors. 


Create a modern, urban feel to your bathroom by making subway tiles a key feature in your design. Contemporary subway tiles now highlight a new, slimmer design, with revised dimensions of 70mm x 240mm, creating a slim and sleek profile. Traditionally laid horizontally, interior design enthusiasts are now exploring a vertical layout to elongate shorter walls and create the visual illusion of a larger space. 

A sharp contrast can be seen within the current trend of combining white subway tiles with dark grout, to accentuate clean lines and a grid like effect. If you prefer a more clean and classic aesthetic, then the combination of white tiles and white grout is the way to go. 

Modern subway tiles also highlight glossy and reflective finishes, creating a more luxurious effect within your bathroom. 

RenoGuide Subway Tiles
RenoGuide Subway Tiles


Mosaic tiles are still one of the most popular choices when it comes to decorative bathroom tiles, as they present a strong visual impact and incorporate a sense of luxury into your interior. Mosaic tiles offer versatility in terms of design, having a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes available.  

Geometry is heavily on trend this season, highlighting bold and interesting shapes like hexagons, ovals, marquise and triangles, within contemporary mosaic tiling.  Classic monochrome and neutral colour palettes are popular for minimalist bathrooms, while vibrant teals, royal blues and mint greens create stunning features in contemporary bathrooms.

RenoGuide Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles
RenoGuide Glass Mosaic Tiles

Natural Stone

If you love a rustic and natural bathroom interior, then stone tiling would make a great choice for your bathroom flooring. Materials like limestone, granite, marble, sandstone and slate are popular choices for natural stone tiles and vary in colour and texture. Once you've decided on the type of stone, consider the type of finish you would like to see throughout your bathroom. Polished and matte finishes create a clean and modern aesthetic, while acid wash creates an antique statement. 

RenoGuide Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles
RenoGuide Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles


Nothing says modern like a crisp, matte bathroom tile in a darker colour palette. Unlike high gloss finishes, matte tiles offer a softer, natural look and are perfect for larger bathrooms. When it comes to upkeep, matte requires less maintenance in comparison to glossy tiles, providing a smooth surface that is easy to clean. 

RenoGuide Matte Tiling
RenoGuide Matte Bathroom Tiles


When it comes to colour, grey has been a dominant trend seen through bathroom interiors, varying in shades from cool grey to a moody charcoal. Sophisticated in nature, grey tiles will contrast well with porcelain basins, stone features and matt back finishes. In terms of mood, grey evokes calm and relaxing emotions, making it a suitable choice for a bathroom.  

RenoGuide Grey Bathroom Tiles
RenoGuide Grey Bathroom Tiles


If you are wanting to infuse some colour into your bathroom design, why not opt for some pastel feature tiles? Pastel hues have made a huge comeback when it comes to interior design, hinting on a modern, retro vibe. Popular hues include pink, mint, sky blue, violet and cream, and just like the colour grey, pastels evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. Match pastel tiles with wooden furnishings and matte black finishes for a more contemporary look. 

RenoGuide Pastel Bathroom Tiles
RenoGuide Pastel Bathroom Tiles
RenoGuide Pastel Bathroom Tiles

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