Great Front Yard Features to Boost your Curb Appeal

There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful front yard that precedes the warmth of your home. Anyone can start a garden – just plant hedges and shrubs on the edges, couple of trees on the corners, and flowering plants everywhere. But how can you create an incredible front yard that will boost your curb appeal? Landscape professionals and renovators in Brisbane have some amazing recommendations that will turn your front from unremarkable to incredible.

Water Features

Front Yard water Features

Adding a small fountain, a pond, or even a bird bath will create instant focal point to your front yard. More intricate water features are constant conversation piece and land markers. But water features can also be huge eyesores. Although you want your water fountain to be the focal point of your front yard, keep in mind that it also needs to blend with the rest of your garden.

Great combination of a water feature and rock garden.

Rock Gardens

Water and rock garden Feature

There is nothing like garden rocks in your garden that screams landscaped. Rocks are not something that you see in everyone’s front yard. But having one will instantly transform your front from ordinary and forgettable to interesting and expensive. Rock gardens exude craggy and natural beauty. But done the wrong way, rocks in your front yard will look wild and disheveled. It is best to consult with Brisbane renovators to help you install your rock garden.

The Picket Fence

charming white picket fence

The rustic charm of white picket fences have endured through the changing trends of fences and front yards. The classic low white fence is perfect for defining the property and highlighting your garden and home.  

Adorable Arbor

rustic garden arbour

Bring on the romantic vibe with an adorable arbor. An arbor is beautiful, interesting, and welcoming. Be creative with your arbor. You can go for the rustic charm, be more intricate with steel arches, add comfy seats, or blooming climbers.

Eye-catching Mailbox

modern mailbox with marble base

Mailboxes are no longer essentials to today’s electronic world. But installing an imaginative mailbox in your front yard adds appeal and presence. Update, repaint, or redesign your mailbox to something unique and one that will complement your home and garden style.

Outdoor Lighting

modern front lawn with purple lights

Do not let your home disappear with the night. Add lighting to highlight your front yard and home façade. Accent lighting will direct the eyes to the things that you want to emphasize. Outdoor lighting will add security to your home, illuminate driveways and walkways and add warmth to the homecoming.

Defined Pathway

farmhouse Defined Pathways

Keep your walk ways well defined and edged. Keeping your walk ways clean and clear prevents your front yard from looking frowzy and neglected. Edging will also direct the eyes towards your front door, adding the welcoming effect. Low shrubs, stone, and even flood lights can be used to line pathways.

Flower Pots and Boxes

vibrant front flower garden

What is a garden without the blooms? However, too much of free planting can also lead to your garden looking wild or chaotic. Flower pots and boxes easily tidies up the mess, marking plant groups from the others, and make it easy for you to move around the plants for a new look and as necessary.

The Symmetry

symmetrical front yard

An open secret among landscape artists and renovators in Brisbane is symmetry. The easiest and safest way to design your front is by placing the walk way in the center. Identically flanked by shrubs, lights, or trees on both sides, and with a balanced landscaping for both the left and right sides of the yard.