45 Modern Deck and Patio Ideas and Designs

modern white patio

Decks and patios provide an outdoor extension to your home’s living space. The defined space often includes some protection from the elements – a pergola, privacy screens, railings or a roof keep its occupants comfortable while enjoying the outdoors. Attractive and ingenious deck and patio ideas and designs also contribute to the overall landscaping and looks of the backyard. Here are some modern and amazing deck and patio ideas and designs you can steal for your next landscaping and outdoor upgrade.

1.       Pergola Retreat

Turn a small city backyard into a cosy outdoor retreat by adding a deck and a pergola. The vivid hue or redwood and the vibrant colours of the plants are enough to enliven the space.

deck and pergola

2.       Alternative Hardwood

Modern wood and plastic composite decking materials are favoured as they deliver the traditional rustic look of wood and the durability of plastic. Composite materials are easy to maintain and comes in many different shades, styles and textures.

modern wood decking

3.       Bamboo Shade

A few potted bamboos will add a nice touch of Zen to your outdoor hub. Lined over the edge of the deck or patio, the bamboos will also serve as a beautiful green privacy screen, while its gentle rustle will add to the calming ambience of the space.

potted bamboos on deck

4.       Curtained Patio

Transform your tired and old stone patio into this beautiful, dressed up hub. Refinish the stone or tile floor, add a clear-roofed pergola, install shades and curtains. Add some charming outdoor sofa and seats.

curtained patio

5.       Cosy Cottage

Extend your living space by adding this delightful and bright screened deck. Its all-white theme complements the charming cottage vibe. Complete the look with charming accents like the rattan hanging chair, floor pillows, some potted plants and comfy seats.

cosy cottage deck

6.       Pavers and Pebbles

This modern patio is defined by the white curtained pergola over garden pavers and pebbles flooring. A concrete fire pit sits in the middle, while large welcoming sofas line both sides. A wonderful space to enjoy the outdoors, comfortably.

modern white patio

7.       Cable Deck Railings

Modern, sleek, efficient. Cable railings are sturdy, will complement any deck design and cost-efficient. It offers a modern minimalist look and will not obstruct views nor distract the deck styling.

wire cable deck railing

8.       Pool, Pergola, Patio

Everything you need in your backyard are right outside your backdoor – an extended patio with wood decking, a firepit, a cooling dipping pool and a protective pergola. Add a few wood and concrete blocks to serve as seats.

modern patio with pergola

9.       Glass Enclosed Patio

Weatherproof your patio to enjoy the outdoors any day in any weather condition. This wood-floored patio features glass walls and a clear-roofed pergola, letting you enjoy the outdoors without the hassles of wind, rain, cold and snow.

glass enclosed deck

10.   White Minimalist

A modern minimalist patio with a lot of quaint charms. Plain and bare concrete flooring, all-white pergola and white walls. A small sofa, a wood slice coffee table, a few potted plants and eclectic seats to bring in the charms.

white minimalist patio

11.   Edgy and Wild

A cosy spot amongst the raw beauty of the wilds. Carve a space for your own to enjoy without disturbing the natural beauty of the trees and bushes. This patio complements its surroundings with its black pergola, wood-themed wall and stone pavers flooring.

patio in the backyard

12.   Interlocking Deck Tiles

Modern and interesting. Get away from the boring and get fancy with your patio floor with these wood-themed deck tiles. The interlocking pattern gives your outdoor space character and an interesting feature.

interlocking deck tiles

13.   Built-in Seats

Build a complete outdoor hub by adding seats, fence and even flower boxes. This cosy backyard patio features weathered wood for its flooring, seats and fencing. Complete the snug look with mood lighting, pillows and blankets.

modern wood deck

14.   A Cosy Lounge

Convert an awkward space in your backyard and turn it into a snug outdoor hub. This deck comes with a pergola, privacy screens and a rug to complement the comfy rattan outdoor sofa set. Add some potted plants for pops of colour.

private corner deck

15.   Bright Moroccan

This striking patio could be the one bright spot in your backyard. With ordinary tin roof and black wood frames, the bright aspect comes from its white and blue Moroccan patterned tile floor and bright Moroccan accents.

bright moroccan patio

16.   The Backyard Deck

Make the most out of your small backyard by building a deck that will extend to all corners while maintaining its natural landscape. This backyard features several decks connected with walkways and pocket gardens in between.

deck and walkways

17.   Huge Modern Planters

Eye-catching, sleek, modern. These huge modern planters come in geometric shapes and in neutral colours like white, grey and black. They provide a sleek, organised and elegant look to any deck or patio.

huge modern planters

18.   The Glass Pergola

Pergolas are designed to provide shade and define the space. This glass-roofed pergola also protects the deck from rain, snow and direct sunlight. It also complements the bright and airy look of the white modern deck.

white deck with glass roof

19.   Boho Chic

Cosy, congenial and charming. This easy DIY deck is also affordable. You’ll need a few repurposed wood, pallets, seat cushions, pillows, string lights, potted plants and a free weekend to put it together. Candles, a bright rug and pillows help brighten up the space.

boho chic deck

20.   Swing Seats

Why settle for ordinary chairs when you can have swings? This modern patio is far from ordinary, thanks to its modern concrete firepit, black pergola and huge comfy sofa swings. The perfect hub for warm nights and breezy afternoons.

pergola with swing seats

21.   Farmhouse Charm

Classic, elegant, charming. This structured wood deck evokes the charms and timeless elegance of the countryside. Featuring white wooden railings with iron spindles and flower boxes, the balustrades also complements the wood decking material.

charming farmhouse deck

22.   Rustic Bricks

This modern patio has loads of rustic charms. Create a cosy haven in your city backyard with lots of bricks, string lights and wood beams. Complete the rustic ambience with iron storm lanterns and vintage iron chairs.

rustic city backyard

23.   Water’s Edge

Get creative and unique with this innovative deck design. Highlighting the water feature with uneven wood flooring, the deck exudes an amazing Zen ambience that includes the elements of water, plant, wood and tranquillity.

Zen deck and pond

24.   Black Stain Deck

Get an edgier and more striking look by staining your deck flooring, walls and screens with black. The restrained styling of the black-stained look complemented with white accents delivers a timeless chic vibe.

chic black and white deck

25.   Firepit Hub

Keep your patio or deck comfy and snug even during the nippy season by adding a firepit as the main element of the hub. This modern firepit sits right in the middle and doubles as a centre table. Its sleek grey design complements the flooring, seating and fencing styles.

modern firepit hub

26.   Modern Elegance

The classic deck gets an elegant update. Modern railings with cable cords, classic wooden flooring and steel-grey frames. The new additions keep the open look while giving it a sleeker finish.

elegant deck

27.   Wood and Pebbles

Give your patio a cool and modern spa vibe with a pebbles accent. The pebbles pocket combined with the light, weathered wood flooring gives a Zen and beachy vibe. Complete the open deck with lots of greens and a modern outdoor dining set.

modern deck

28.   Outdoor Oasis

This cosy patio features wooden frames, composite decking and a glass roof. Surrounded by a profusion of plants, the snug space is welcoming, private and relaxing. Complete the cool haven with some comfortable chairs, outdoor lighting and some curtains.

cosy modern patio

29.   Deck and Garden

Extend your living quarters without encroaching the garden by building a deck that conforms with your backyard. This decking gives you access to the entire backyard while letting the flora of your backyard grow and bloom.

decked garden

30.   Screened Patio

This screened patio features comfortable seats, a firepit, paving and pebbles flooring, modern lighting and an enormous slated pergola and screens. The design intends to incorporate the outdoor space with the house while keeping its open outdoors vibe.

modern screened patio

31.   Rustic Outdoors

Capture the gentle countryside vibe with this very rustic and charming deck. The varnished wood material is used for the decking, the pergola and for the built-in seats. While the flowering plants, the delightful red chair and umbrella and charming rattan dining set increase the charm factor.

rustic farmhouse deck

32.   Multi-Level Decking

Go for the grand and stunning! This multi-level, huge deck. Featuring several areas dedicated to purpose – an outdoor dining area, a viewing deck and a lower area, the complex construction also includes a mini fountain, a pond and a garden.

multi-level deck

33.   Pebble Pockets

Pebble pockets are attractive, modern and striking additions to your deck. It is an easy way to updating your deck and improving the look. Pebble pockets don’t have floors, allowing you to plant directly from the ground, then cover the surface with decorative pebbles.

patio with pebble pockets

34.   Glass Railings

Sleek and modern, glass railings are also the hottest trend in modern deck ideas and designs. Clear glass railings complement the open and seamless designs of decks and patios while providing the protection of a regular railing.

deck with glass railings

35.   Creative Lighting

Ensure the safety of your family by adding strategic lighting to your outdoor area. This deck is equipped with creative lighting to illuminate the steps and edges and to highlight the features during night-time.

deck with outdoor lights

36.   Modern Minimalist

This beautiful patio is the focal point of the home’s modern landscaping. The modern wood-themed flooring adds a hint of rustic charm, while its clean edges and sleek furniture highlight the modern design.

modern minimalist patio

37.   Cosy Outdoor Hubs

Can’t decide on what you want for your outdoor hub? Create several hubs to accommodate your needs and preferences. This extensive backyard areas have defined spaces for warm nights, for comfortable gatherings and even for outdoor dining.

backyard outdoor areas

38.   Timeless Elegance

This elegant patio exudes beauty and charm that defied trends and time. The classic pergola with arched supports, the concrete tile flooring and the green living fence walls provide the perfect backdrop to the charming rattan chairs and vintage birdbaths.

patio with pergola

39.   Metal Privacy Screens

Privacy screens do not only keep prying eyes away from your private space, but also provide additional shade and protection from strong winds. This modern etched metal privacy screen also doubles as a sturdy wall and is pleasing to the eye.

backyard privacy screens

40.   Modern Colours

Modernise your deck with the latest colour trends. The minimalist styling craze includes neutral colours like greys, whites and blacks. This cool and trendy deck features the classic wood flooring, a black pergola and screens, white walls and modern grey sectional sofa.

cool modern deck

41.   The Corner Patio

Stylish, striking, posh. This wood-floored patio is separate from the house and is set to a corner of the backyard. Designed to amaze, the patio features a stand-alone umbrella cover, elegant rattan seats and floor lightings.

circular backyard patio

42.   Wood and Concrete

Sleek and modern. This modern deck structure features bare concrete flooring, posts, and walls complemented by the warm wood tones of its lattice, furniture and lower floors. The cool minimalist design is perfected by the addition of lush foliage.

modern wood and concrete deck

43.   Cosy Farmhouse

This cosy deck includes wood plank flooring, white railings with hog wire fence, flower boxes and comfortable seats. The huge outdoor umbrella provides shade and protection, while the practical design of the deck proves to be charming as well.

farmhouse deck

44.   Reed Shade

This breezy and airy patio gets its protective shade from the reed-roofed steel pergolas. The reed roofing can be easily removed or replaced and provides the raw and rustic contrast to the sleek metal frames and white patio. The light blue accents give the space its cool beachy vibe.

patio with reed pergola

45.   Coastal White

Enjoy the cool and breezy outdoors in this all-white and bright coastal-inspired deck. The palm trees complement the theme, while the huge planters underscore the modern design.

white modern deck

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