40 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit is a great addition to a backyard entertaining setting, not only for their aesthetic qualities but for warming up those chilly, winter evenings. Whether you are planning to have a sophisticated design constructed by the professionals or wanting to DIY your way to a outdoor fire feature, we recommend checking out these 40 Creative Fire Pit Ideas!

1. The Rustic Fire Bowl

concrete Backyard Fire Pit

Structured and sturdy, this rustic concrete fire bowl creates a strong focal point, perfect for smaller, well-thought out backyards. 

2. The Wood Grain Fire Pit

wood log Fire Pit

The wood grain texture of this propane fire pit has a very rustic appeal, perfect for those country abodes. 

3. The Wild Desert Fire Pit

wild desert Fire Pit

Constructed with sandstone and lava stone, this statement fire pit is one cactus short of a mini desert. 

4. The Modern Copper Fire Pit 

modern copper Fire Pit

Just like modern interiors, hints of copper have become a popular trend, adding a luxe quality to a modest backyard. We especially love the baroque detailing seen in the metal framework of this modern fire pit!

5. The Suspended Fire Pit

suspended Fire Pit

What's more impressive than a striking cast iron fire pit? A suspended cast iron fire pit. 

6. The Campfire Setup

campfire Backyard Fire Pit

There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying the gentle glow of a campfire with your closest friends. Of course, roasting marshmallows is necessary! 

7. A Mix of the Elements

modern water and fire Pit

You've got the best of both elements with this water and fire feature. Experience the therapeutic effect of falling water, while you remain toasty warm with the inbuilt fire pit. 

8. The Oriental Outdoor Fire

Oriental outdoor Fire Pit

Simple and elegant in design, this oriental fire pit is the very definition of modern minimalism. 

9. The Entertainment HQ

modern sunken Fire Pit

Comfy, cosy and contemporary design, this built in fire pit offers the perfect entertaining head quarters. 

10. The Minimalist Fire Pit

minimalist steel Fire Pit

While understated in design, this monochrome fire pit emphasises a modern aesthetic. 

11. The Gabion Fire Pit

gabion Backyard Fire Pit

A fire pit constructed from gabion has a natural and rustic appeal, not to mention the heat resistant stones will provide a durable design.  

12. The Moroccan Table Feature

Moroccan table Fire Pit

Exotic and exquisite, this table top fire pit introduces a moroccan flavour into a simple backyard. 

13. The Geometric Fire Pit

geometric steel Fire Pit

The clean, sharp lines of this portable fire pit, compliment a manicured landscape. 

14. The Forest Fire Feature

Forest feature Fire Pit

A dynamic statement is created with this sculpted forest fire pit. 

15. The Raw Fire Pit

raw Backyard Fire Pit

When raw materials and metals scraps are all that's available to you, you end up with a bold and innovative fire pit. 

16. The Rusted Steel Fire Pit

rusted steel Fire Pit

The earthy colour of this rusted steel fire pit compliments the lush greenery seen in well manicured backyards. 

17. The Mini Potted Fire

mini  terra cotta Fire Pit

For those with limited backyard space, this mini potted planter makes an great option for a transportable fire pit. It goes without saying that size has nothing to do with statement!

18. The Circular Aluminium Fire Pit

modern circular Fire Pit

When modern architecture calls for an equally modern, circular fire pit. 

19. The Glass Encased Fire Pit

glass encased Fire Pit

Modern and multitexture, two prominent design features in this fire pit. 

20. The Toasty Porch

Backyard Fire Pit and swing patio

Relaxing around a glowing fire, is only made more cosy with the gentle rocking of an adjoining swing set. 

21. The Stacked Stone Ring Fire Pit

stacked stone Fire Pit

This stacked stone fire ring has a super modern aesthetic, creating a dynamic contrast against the greenery.   

22. The Whisky Fire Barrel

whisky Fire barrels

Add a western theme to your backyard with these creative, whisky fire barrels. 

23. The Resort Style Fire Pit

modern minimalist Backyard Fire Pit

A clever furniture design, integrating a fire pit into a luxe white outdoor console. 

24. The Fire Centerpiece

modern centerpiece Fire Pit

Replace the standard coffee table with a fire pit centerpiece and enjoy summer entertaining with a gentle flame. 

25. The Sunken Fire Pit

sunken stone Fire Pit

Rather than constructing an above ground fire pit, why not create this sunken effect with an in ground fire pit. The best thing about this design is that there's minimal ash and debris to clean up and your tiled outdoor area will remain intact. 

26. The Table Top Fire Pit

rustic tabletop Fire Pit

Continue conversation over the soft glow of this table top fire pit. 

27. The DIY Fire Pit

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

DIY shabby chic at it's best!

28. The Glass Bottom Fire Pit

modern blue glass Fire Pit

Fireglass adds a luxurious element to an outdoor fire pit, and this reflective Azuria glass creates a sparkling jewelled effect against a naked flame.  

29. The Booth Fire Pit

contemporary booth Fire Pit

Instead of booth style seating, this fire booth will keep your conversation toasty!

30. The Granite Fire Pit

opulent granite Fire Pit

The colour variations and shiny finish of a granite fire pit creates an opulent statement within a outdoor entertainment area. 

31. The Cosy Courtyard

cosy courtyard Fire Pit

An urban courtyard made more relaxing by a refined brick fire pit, perfect for outdoor entertaining.

32. The Adventurous Fire Pit

Old Jeep Fire Pit

Who knew that an old jeep grill would make an great frame for a DIY fire pit. 

33. The Festive Dragon Fire Pit

creative dragon Fire Pit

It doesn't have to be Chinese New Year to celebrate with this dragon fire pit. Welding skills are a must have!

34. Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

chiminea Fire Pit

An outdoor steel chiminea is a great little variation on the fire pit. With little mess this option is not only low maintenance and portable, but great for summer entertaining. 

35. Recycled Cable Wire Fire Pit

recycled cable wire Fire Pit

Made from recycled metals, the cable wire fire pit presents an eco friendly art installation, as well as an outdoor fire pit. 

36. The Western Fire Pit

western horse shoe Fire Pit

Similar to the previous design, the Western fire pit is made from recycled materials, although in this case combines a tire rim, horse shoes and an old fence post. The result? A custom, industrial style fire pit. 

37. The Saloon Style Fire Pit

saloon style Fire Pit

If you enjoy sipping your whisky around a campfire, then you'll need a fire pit that accommodates your laid back country style. 

38. The Rule of Three

three freestanding Fire Pit

Proving that great things come in a set of three, these free standing, metal fire pits will triple the warmth, comfort and dynamic statement of just one!

39. The Wire Fire Baskets

wire basket Fire Pit

These wire fire baskets create a modern statement with their structured geometric frames. Keeping your fire contained, a fire basket is a great option for tiled patios. 

40. The Gallon Drum Smoker

gallon drum smoker Fire Pit

Rugged and rustic, a gallon drum makes the perfect foundation for an outdoor fire pit.  

If you like these backyard fire pit ideas and designs, then check out these stunning fire pits you can buy now!