40 Amazing Outdoor Dining Area Ideas and Designs

backyard dining table

Outdoor dining is pleasurable and should be enjoyed as often as possible. You don’t need to go out and pay exorbitant restaurant prices when you can create your own alfresco dining space, right in your backyard or balcony. Here are some wonderful and fantastic outdoor dining area ideas and designs you can steal for your next backyard renovation;

1.       Corner Terrace

Enjoy outdoor dining right in your backyard by building this fabulous corner terrace. Add a pergola so you can also enjoy the spot for breakfast, lunch and afternoon parties. The red brick wall adds a touch of rustic to the sleek modern design.

terrace dining table

2.       Romantic Outdoors

For a random summer party or weekend fun with the family, set up your backyard into a picnic hub with a table and a few chairs. This very romantic and rustic setting can be achieved with few shabby chic pieces, comfy pillows and a vintage iron candlestick holder.

outdoor dining table

3.       Rustic Verandah

Your verandah is a perfect spot for outdoor dining. You enjoy the views and outdoor air without the hazard of being rained on. This very rustic verandah is the perfect backdrop to the charming dining set – wood slab table, wooden benches and rattan seats. The rattan pendant lights complete the look.

rustic verandah dining table

4.       The Kitchen Bar

A sensible and efficient design where the cooking can be done next to the dining areas – indoor and outdoor. Installing a big window that doubles as a service bar will turn your regular kitchen into an outdoors one. Great design for those who love entertaining outdoors!

outdoor kitchen bar

5.       Hibiscus Delight

Romantic, delightful, festive! The beautiful hibiscus not only perks up the space with its bright colours, but also serve as screen and shade from the sun. The lovely dining area is completed with a rustic wooden table, a set of romantic rattan chairs and pots of flowers!

hibiscus arbour

6.       A Gushing Table

Marvellous, fascinating, one-of-a-kind! This novel outdoor table concept will surely make your dining experience special. Surprise your guests with this table with gushing water. If dining next to the pool is common enough, this will make it exceptional.

glass water cascading table

7.       White Pergola

Stunning! This beautiful and modern outdoor hub includes both a dining area and a sitting area that comes with a fireplace. The white walls and light grey tone of the cement floor set up the bright environs, while the white pergola provides the shade and the ethereal look.

white pergola

8.       Coastal Charms

Savour the breeze with your delightful dining experience in this bucolic dining hub. Turn your back porch into this relaxing and idyllic space where you can put your feet up, sit back and enjoy the moment. Just add a sturdy wooden table and light blue, string-backed outdoor chairs.

seaside deck

9.       BBQ Hub

This kitchen and dining hub is perfect for people who love their barbeques and dining and entertaining outdoors. The complete cook and dine hub features a small outdoor kitchen, wood dining table and chairs and a sleek server trolley for efficient food transport. Completing the design are the wood-themed slat roof pergola and a few potted plants that serve as screens.

backyard bbq kitchen

10.   Elegant Greys

Take your formal dining outdoors with this elegant garden dining set. The light grey finish of the tabletop is complemented by the dark grey table frame and chairs. Complete the look with seat cushions, a patterned rug and a wide umbrella for shade.

elegant garden dining table

11.   Penthouse Alfresco

Dine while enjoying the city views. If you have a balcony or a rooftop deck, you can set up your own alfresco dining hub easy. This modern dining set includes a black minimalist table and chic gold-framed bucket chairs with slat backs.

penthouse deck

12.   Indoor Outdoor

For those who doesn’t have enough outdoor space or when your climate don’t allow for a feasible outdoor dining setup, this indoor/outdoor arrangement is for you. The clear glass walls and ceiling will give you a close enough experience as dining outdoors, within the comforts of the indoors.

indoor outdoor kitchen

13.   Grape Arbour

This countryside outdoor dining hub will let you enjoy romantic Tuscan dinners anytime and in your own backyard. The rural theme of the design includes vintage chairs and lights and a grape arbour that also shades the space from the sun’s direct glare.

tuscan backyard dining

14.   Modern Rustic

Stylish, minimalist, modern. This ultra-modern, outdoor dining area features metal wire chairs that match the overall modern grey design of the outdoor hub. Taking centre stage and giving relief to the modern tones and a good dose of rustic charm is the warmly bright-toned wooden table.

modern rustic outdoor dining

15.   A Backyard Patio

This patio structure includes full walls with windows and a roof with pockets. The green creepers add character and contrast to the white paint. The scruffy design gives a hint of the mysterious and adventurous outdoors. Tame the look with a striking modern minimalist dining set.

backyard patio

16.   Concrete Dining Set

Concrete is tough and long-lasting making the best material for outdoor dining items like tables and chairs. These concrete-topped table and benches make a sleek, modern and durable outdoor dining set. The trough in the middle of the table can serve as a planter, a vase or a bottle cooler.

concrete topped table

17.   A Minimalist Deck

Elegance in simplicity. The clean lines, the bare smoothness of the wood and neutral colours of the design are key to the fluid transition from the nature of outdoors to the deck. The sleek dining set features a matching tabletop and bench, white frames and black chair backs.

modern deck

18.   Chic Greenhouse

Warm, inviting and modish. This chic verandah-turned-dining-hall exudes the warmth and energy of the greenhouse. Greens on planters decorate the walls, giving the space its vibrant colour. The steel topped table, metal chairs and pipe light fixture give the design its chic and modern industrial look.

verandah dining table

19.   Lighted Deck

Enjoy your outdoor dining hub even at night by installing adequate lighting. This spacious backyard deck features a pergola, a dining set and amazing lighting. The outdoor string lights romantically illuminate the dining table, while the recessed floor lights highlight the plants and light up the areas far from the table.

deck with pergola

20.   Cosy Corner

Pick a quiet corner of your backyard to set up this cosy dining area. A great entertainment area for a loved one or a few friends. Or you can enjoy your garden in peace and quiet, in solitude and while having breakfast or dinner. The built-in corner banquet includes a seat foam and pillows. Add in a table and a bench to complete the setup.

backyard corner dining

21.   Decked out Pergola

For special occasions, a romantic dinner or a party, surprise your guests by taking the celebrating and dining outdoors! Turn your deck into a party hub by adding pergola curtains, string lights, a nice rug and an outdoor dining set. Light some candles and throw in some flowers for more intimate and romantic occasions.

party pergola

22.   Garden Greens

This outdoor dining area is very much part of the garden. The design aims to make the space congruent to its surroundings. The rustic pergola, table and bench are in its natural wood tones. Plants naturally extend to the inside of the space and accents like chairs and the lamp are in green, creating a seamless look with the garden.

dining room in the garden

23.   Modern Manhattan

Resonate the dynamic, strong and sleek look of the world’s business hub in your outdoor area. This outdoor entertainment hub is complete with a sitting area, provision for a fire pit and a dining table set. Mostly in modern grey and business blue, the design is complemented by potted greens and wood accents.

modern rooftop outdoor hub

24.   Viewing Deck and Diner

Dine where the best views are. Pastoral and charming, the magnificent views of the mountain provide an amazing backdrop to this dining table setup. All you need is a rustic dining set to match the environment, a lamp, good food and great company.

viewing deck with table

25.   Garden Nook

This elaborate set up includes a mirrored ceiling, plaid cushions, a lot of fairy lights and green walls. The result is an avant-garde, colourful and exotic wonderland. More than a dining area, this is a party nook in your garden!

bohemian garden dining nook

26.   Elegant Wicker

Wicker furniture adds a classy, rustic and timeless charm to any design. This elegant outdoor dining set is comfortable, beautiful and will easily fit into any backyard style – rustic, elegant landscaped or modern settings.

outdoor wicker dining set

27.   Awesome Awning

A bit of drizzle or too much sun is no problem with this easy-to-install and removable awning. The cosy dining corner also features a corner banquet, a minimalist square table and a patterned rug. The bright coloured chairs give the corner a pop of colour to complement the stripes of the awning.

garden diner with awning

28.   Cosy Backyard

You don’t need too much space for your outdoor dining area. This quaint backyard only has enough space for a table, a few chairs and moving space. Lining the fence with plants and adding a green canopy creates a cosy nook, great for intimate dinners outdoors.

backyard dining set

29.   Forest Glass House

This is a dining room outdoors! No rain, cold or bugs can stop you from enjoying your meals out in nature. Its glass walls and ceiling and brick flooring will give you the outdoorsy ambience, while the rustic table and chairs give the adventurous and bucolic charms of the woods.

glass dining room

30.   Rooftop Nook

Convert a corner of your balcony or rooftop deck into this cosy and secluded dining nook. Savour laid back meals while enjoying the fresh outdoor air and great views. The perfect setting for weekend breakfasts, cosy dinner dates at home or a nice chit-chat with a friend over cheese and wine.

garden breakfast nook

31.   Laidback Deck

Cool, modern, nostalgic. This laidback deck features a charming dining set of wooden table and rattan chairs. The cool vibe radiates of lazy afternoons, vacations and amazing times with friends and family. Get the look with plain white walls, clean, unadorned flooring and a rustic dining set.

white deck with dining set

32.   Beachy Bohemian

Evoke the cool sea breeze, the airy ambience and the fun under the sun with this convivial and warm outdoor dining area. Set in your deck or verandah, the design includes white walls and floors, wooden dining set, a pergola with reed shade, a rattan pendant light, a rug and a driftwood umbrella feature. Add a scattering of hippie accents for that bohemian look.

beach themed deck

33.   Screened Pergola

Classy and cool, elegant and beautiful. Incorporate privacy to your outdoor dining experience by installing privacy screens to your dining pergola. This elegant white pergola on a deck features slat screens on three sides and a white curtain on the fourth. The wood decking and rattan accents inject a hint of rustic to the white minimalist design.

white pergola with screen

34.   In the Gardens

Turn your idyllic garden into a beautiful party hub with a rustic table, outdoor chairs, a table umbrella and lots of flowers. Trim the plants, manage the lawn and add a lot of potted greens to achieve the elegant setting. Table flower arrangements, candles and beautiful dinnerware complete the magical look.

garden party setup

35.   Wrought Iron Charms

White wrought iron table and chairs radiate charming Southern hospitality and grace. The white colour will stand out in the bright and lush outdoor surroundings. Iron is also one of the sturdiest materials for outdoor dining furniture. Make your design classy as this one will last over generations.

white wrought iron

36.   Poolside Deck

Complete your pool parties by adding a dining hub to your poolside deck. The black table and bench ensemble complements the white walls and ceiling and matches the modern laidback vibe of the deck. A glass fence separates the wet from the dry areas and is also a sensible safety installation.

modern deck by the pool

37.   Backyard Shed Diner

A romantic getaway, a secret meeting place, a secluded space to enjoy your meals while communing with nature. Convert an old or no longer used shed into an outdoor/indoor dining room. This backyard shed diner includes a server table, elegant dining table and chairs, vintage lightings and wide glass windows to enjoy the outdoors.

dining room shed

38.   A BBQ Bar

This backyard includes a barbeque shed, a bar and a sitting hub. It is designed for great times, parties and entertainment. The barbeque shed includes the grill, a sink and a bar for comfortable dining. The modern white structure features wood sidings and ceiling, string lights and a few bar stools.

backyard bbq bar

39.   Balcony Dinners

You can enjoy outdoor dining even without a spacious backyard or a roof deck. Turn your apartment balcony into a romantic diner with city views by adding a foldable table, a pair of chairs, a floor lamp and some flowers. With the sky and city views to enjoy, all you need is good food and great company.

balcony dining

40.   A Garden Table

Unique, surprising and novel. This dining table is one-of-a-kind and will take your garden dining hub from great to unforgettable. Who needs potted plants and flower arrangements when you can eat where they grow? The water trough in the middle will take the novel dining experience up to another level.

a garden table

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