Creating a Modern, Minimalist Workspace

modern minimalist office space

The familiar saying, less is more definitely applies when you are decorating your workspace, given that this space should be a haven of inspiration, productivity and practicality. 

It is no surprise that minimalist interior design is a popular choice for office decor, providing a clean, modern aesthetic for your home and reducing clutter and distraction from your work.

Minimalist interiors offer a sense of longevity with their timeless appeal. Forget trend based choices, minimalist design incorporates neutral, monochromatic colour themes which never go out of style and require minimal updates. 

Minimalist interior design involves selecting furnishings based on their simplicity and practicality. Presenting my top minimalist must-haves. 


freedom furniture

When it comes to colour palettes, minimalist style relies on neutral, monochromatic shades, which should be reflected within your choice of furniture. 

Get back to basics with wooden furnishings, in either dark or light timber options. I love the contemporary feel of this two-tone Archibald Desk from Freedom, which features a glass desktop, supported by an earthy oak frame. Very simple in design, this piece would make a great foundation to a minimalist workstation, whilst at the same time creating a striking focal point to your home office. 

Look for desks that offer an expansive surface, to allow for your desktop/laptop, stationery, storage and minimal decorative pieces. 


Ikea Chair

One thing to remember when decorating your minimalist space, is to keep the furnishing unified. You'll notice I've chosen a chair that incorporates the same timber-look as my desk. 

Once again, the design of this chair is simple in structure and fits within the modern theme. 

Add a little luxe detail by draping a faux fur throw over the back of your chair, in a monochrome shade. Lighting


Target Lamp


Increase your productivity with a well lit space, by adding a small desk lamp to your office setup. 

I'm adding some metallics to the mix with this copper two-tone Boathouse Desk Lamp from Target.




Ikea Desk Organiser


If your workstation requires storage options, then keep things simple and well organised with these Ikea Desk Organiser. 

One of the best things about choosing black desk accessories is that they mask everyday stains and grime, and retain their colour for longer. 


Decorative Pieces

When it comes to adding the decorative elements to your workstation, don't clutter your space. Think unique and simple pieces that provide strong focal points and occupy little space. Copper accents are very on trend when it comes to modern interior design, and will add warmth to your space. This Lisa T Desk Clock from Target makes a practical addition to a desk and has a luxurious, modern feel with its marble face and rose gold casing. 

It's been proven that office greenery increases happiness and productivity, so freshen up your workspace with an potted plant. Choose a low maintenance style plant that will survive without direct sunlight and withstand indoor variables, air conditioning etc like a cacti or succulent. 

Of course no office is complete without a motivational message and Brisbane artist, Jasmine Dowling's print series offer an edgy take on inspirational art, with their raw calligraphy style and monochromatic colour theme.