60 Creative DIY Wall Feature Projects

recycled wood wall feature

The walls are your home’s best stage to display décor and accessories. Your walls are a great platform to showcase you – your passion, your family, your personality. Whether you have expensive art pieces, creative wall features or a collection of family snapshots, the wall will give it great vantage. Create your own wall features to make your walls more personalised and save money. Instantly upgrade a blank wall with these easy and creative DIY wall feature projects;

1.       Pallet Wall Garden

The perfect space filler for your blank kitchen wall or even in the dining room! Vibrant colours, easy to do and affordable elements. Choose miniature plants or your favourite herbs.

pallet wall garden

2.       Empty Frames

Modern and minimalist, these bright yellow frames complements the sedate grey and lifts the blank wall with an interesting and unexpected feature. Keeping the frames empty aligns with the minimalist theme of the room.

dark grey wall with yellow accents

3.       Wood Strip Patterns

Turn a boring blank wall into a unique and fascinating home feature by adding an eye-catching woos strip patterns. This otherwise sombre black wall is made exceptional by the addition of randomly slanted wood strips.

black wall with accents

4.       Hexa Wall Maps

Travellers take heed! This is a fun way to fill an empty wall for the explorers and the wanderers. Set your favourite places into several hexagonal frames. Voila! You have an inspiring wall and a great conversational piece.

hexagonal wall map frames

5.       A Photo Wall

Let your wall tell stories! Photo walls are amongst the most popular DIY wall feature projects. Just cover a blank wall with your favourite snaps and make it the room’s focal point. This wall takes the vintage theme with its black and white prints.

photo covered wall

6.       Tassel Wall Accent

Let your hobo vibe decorate your home. This simple yet fascinating tassel décor is cheap and easy to make. You can go wild with colours and structure or stay minimalist with basic hues and clean lines.

black tassel wall decor

7.       A Lettered Wall

Looking for a way to decorate the study room or your child’s bedroom? This large, bright, colourful and scrapbook designed letters can fill an entire wall. Work with your child and get creative!

letters on the wall

8.       Chevron Puzzle

Contemporary, elegant and unique! Turn a plain wall by adding wood sheets like this chevron puzzle pieces. The natural wood tone of some of the pieces perfectly complement the greyish teal wall.

chevron wall puzzle

9.       Uneven Square Blocks

Woodworks are top DIY wall feature projects. This uneven wood blocks wall feature is stunning and beautiful! Totally affordable, this project would however need some wood-working skills and a lot of detailed work.

wood squares wall feature

10.   Geometric Accent Wall

Painting a wall is the easiest way to transform it. You can also use some paint and some creativity to completely dress-up a wall. This geometric patterned wall accent is striking and exceptional, yet easy to do.

blue wall accent

11.   Chalkboard Wall

Install a chalkboard on a blank wall. This can serve as your memo board, a reminder wall or a creative platform like this one. Can’t decide on a single motivational phrase or design? With a chalkboard, you can change the message or the design as often as you want!

chalkboard wall

12.   Indoor Moss Wall

An indoor moss wall doesn’t only look amazing, it also helps improve the indoor air quality and moderates the humidity of your home. This unique wall feature is low-maintenance and does not need much sunlight.

indoor moss wall

13.   Lighted Mountain Range

This wall décor also doubles as a lighting feature. This is another awesome wood pallet project. With just a few basic woodworking tools and a free weekend, let your creativity go wild with this affordable wall art.

recycled pallet wall lighting

14.   Washi Tapes Art

Washi tapes come in endless fun designs and colours and ideal for DIY wall feature projects. Pick some in your nearby arts and crafts store to decorate your kids’ bedroom, the family room or even a blank kitchen wall!

washi tape wall art

15.   Faux Tin Tiles

Add a touch of vintage vibe to your interiors with these faux ceiling tin tiles. You can have them distressed for a shabby chic look, spray with gold or silver for an elegant finish or collect different patterns for an interesting embossed wall.

tin tiles on the wall

16.   Leafy Prints

Easy to do, fast and will only cost you some white cardboard paper and printing, these leafy prints are interesting and chic. Leaves come in diverse and beautiful patterns and designs, choose the ones that will complement your home interiors.

printed leaf frames

17.   Pegboard Panel

Decorate and utilise. A pegboard panel will both fill a blank wall and use its vertical space. Use the pegs to add shelves or hanging pegs.

pegboard panel

18.   Colourful Tassel and Pompoms

Fun, colourful and quirky. Instantly add colours to a bare plain wall. This eye-catching tassel and pompom wall feature is perfect for the bohemian soul and interiors.

tassel and pompom wall feature

19.   Pastel Honeycomb

Work with colours and honeycomb pattern to transform a blank white wall into a bee-ry bee-sy colourful one. You don’t even have to do the entire wall! Just pick a section to highlight.

pastel honeycomb pattern

20.   Scrabbled Wall

Names are common subjects of DIY wall feature projects. Spell-out your names and put them up on the wall. Putting up your names is common, but this scrabble-inspired wall name feature is ingenious and fun! The black wall helps make the colourful tiles pop out.

scrabble blocks on the wall

21.   Reclaimed Wood Display Shelving

Create your own unique and creative wood display shelving. You will just need wood pieces, nails and glue, and a lot of patience. What an inspired way to re-use junk wood pieces into something beautiful and useful!

recycled wood wall feature

22.   Framed Succulent Garden

Wall gardens are simply breathtaking. Succulents and cacti are low-maintenance, good for your wellbeing and the perfect indoor plants. They help purify the air, boost your mood and add rich colour to your interiors.

succulents on frames

23.   Black and White Squares

These black and white squares give serious vogue and retro vibe. The multi-patterned frames complement the black console and its collection of matching square vases. The modish theme also brings down the glare of the green wall.

black and white pattern squares

24.   Mirrored Forest

A mirrored wall can visually double your space. Mirrors have been used to make rooms look larger than it is. Adding tree decals just upped the look with interesting details and style.

mirror wall with tree decals

25.   Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Wall

Another affordable and accessible material to use for your DIY wall project are wood pallets. Fill in an empty wall with reclaimed wood pallets arranged in the herringbone pattern. The bare wood adds rustic charm and allure.

reclaimed wood wall accent

26.   Rainbow Colours

Charming and colourful. A fun and affordable way to decorate a child’s bedroom, the nursery or your family room. Choose your favourite pastel shades and create a rainbow on the wall. Don’t forget to add some fun fluffy clouds!

pastel wall rainbow

27.   Book Wall

Hooray for book lovers! Here’s one clever way of collecting and organising your stash of books and decorating a wall at the same time. Pile them all up against the wall and you have a colourful, interesting and very personalised home feature!

stacked books on wall

28.   Family Snaps

Your collection of family snaps can also be the focal point of any room. Choose your favourite family pictures and have them framed in various sizes and shapes. This black and white collection is poignant as it is beautiful.

framed photos on the wall

29.   Bright Geometric Wall

Getting creative with paints and colours makes DIY wall feature projects fun. Lively, modern and fun! Turn a boring room with an empty wall to a bright and colourful space with this cheerful geometric wall art.

bright geometric wall

30.   Glass Planters

Easy and affordable, yet beautiful and sustainable. You will just need a few glass planters and a collection of your favourite plants. Learning the basics of hydroponics, or growing plants in water will help you pull off this simple and stunning wall feature project.

glass wall planters

31.   Starry Constellation

Let the stars light up your room. Bring in the entire constellation with this starry wall feature. Perfect for the astronomy buffs. This project will need thorough research and a lot of detailed work but will surely keep you and your guests in awe. 

starry wall

32.   Semi-Transparent Wall Tapes

Get creative with some colourful semi-transparent wall tapes and turn your wall from plain and boring to something that is contemporary, exciting and attractive. Changing wall designs is easy too as you will only need to peel off the tapes and replace with new ones.

colourful patterned wall

33.   Rustic Wood Quilt

Creating this rustic wood quilt will need some woodworking skills and a lot of patience. But the beautiful outcome will give you a wall feature you can proudly display in any room in the house.

rustic wood quilt

34.   Minimalist World Map

Minimalism dictates clean walls and basic decors. This minimalist world map perfectly complements the minimalist interiors. You can find a world map wall decal, or with some drawing skills, create your own hand-drawn map.

minimalist world map

35.   Guitar Wall Organiser

Recycling makes DIY wall feature projects more meaningful. Do you have an old guitar just collecting dust in the corner? Put it to good use by turning it into this fascinating and ingenious wall feature. Hip, quirky and functional too!

recycled guitar wall feature

36.   Shingle Wall Accent

Get crafty with some wood shingles to create a DIY wall feature project that can dress up any wall in your house. Shingles can be used to frame an image or object, or as the main subject of the wall décor.

wood shingles wall accent

37.   Coloured Pencils

Random objects can also be used as decorations. Boxes, plates, plants, pencils! It is a matter of presentation. This extensive coloured pencil collection provides an eye-catching and flamboyant wall display.

colored pencil collection

38.   Potted Wall Garden

This is perfect for outdoor walls, lanais and balconies. Extend your garden vertically with a steel frame holder. The mini terra pots instantly improve the bare concrete wall. Choose miniature plants with deep colours and interesting structures.

potted wall plants

39.   Sunset Ombre Wall

A plain wall paint can be boring, but not when it’s a sunset ombre wall paint. This fascinating ombre wall can stand on its own. A fun way to match a bright, independent and unique personality.

sunset ombre wall

40.   Broken Mirror Mosaic

Who says broken mirrors are no good? Don’t throw away your broken mirrors just yet. This broken mirror mosaic is ingenious, eye-catching and easy to make. You will just need a board panel, strong glue and a lot of patience putting together your elegant wall accent.

broken mirror wall feature

41.   String Board Art

Creative, affordable and exceptional. A string board art do not involve heavy work or any special skills. You can also create your very own design, use the colours you want and finish the project at your own pace.

diy string art

42.   Weathered Wood Planks

Wood planks are top materials for DIY wall feature projects. From a blank wall in to this fascinating dressed up wall. The weathered wood planks lend a charming farmhouse rustic ambiance to the interiors of the house.

wood plank panel

43.   Lighted Teacups

Up the ordinary lighted wall with this quirky and fun DIY project. Install, or have a professional install miniature lights on your blank wall. Then do the creative and fun work of covering them up with halved teacups. The funkier the cup design, the better for your wall!

wall lighted teacups

44.   Cardboard Cut-outs

Turn ordinary cardboard boxes into an exceptional wall accent. Intricately cut boxes with beautiful patterns are eye-catching and elegant décor to adorn your hallway wall, in your living room or bedroom.

cardboard cutouts wall feature

45.   Driftwood Squares

The seemingly worthless driftwood can turn into these captivating and ingenious wall accent. Work with the wood’s unique and delicate shapes to create beautiful pieces. Varnishing the wood adds shine and helps protect the wood from deteriorating.

driftwood wall decor

46.   Glitter Galore

Why stay dull when you can shine! Let your wall sparkle to match your radiant persona. Add glitters, tinsel or use shiny wallpapers to brighten up the wall. Balance the interiors by keeping the rest of the room tame.  

glittery wall

47.   Shabby Chic Old Door Frames

This black and white photo gallery is organised, creative and elegant. Turn a discarded door frame into an inspired wall picture frame. Just clean up the frame, paint and scrape for the shabby chic look and add your favourite snaps.

door frame picture frame

48.   Writings on the Wall

Remember when your parents gave you a hard time for writing on the wall? Well, this wall accent idea will let you fill an entire wall with writing! Creative, surprising and nifty!

writings on the wall

49.   Ticket Collection

Collectors rejoice! Ticket collectors are also memory hoarders. Each ticket you keep has a special memory, making it so hard for you to throw it away. Why not fill a blank wall with your collection of memorable tickets? A great conversation piece, too!

framed ticket collection

50.   Patterned Wood Strips

Dress up a bare wall with wood strips in mesmerizing patterns. Contemporary, sleek and interesting. This fascinating slanting and vertical patterns give the rather sombre bedroom a modern and urbane look.

wood strips on wall

51.   Chalkboard Planner

Innovative and functional as it is chic and fun. This weekly chalkboard planner is among the easiest DIY wall feature projects and can be in any room – the kitchen, home office or your bedroom. The use of pegs instead of nails gives the project a delightful touch.

chalkboard wall planner

52.   Metallic Stencils

Upgrade a plain white wall with metallic stencils. Silver, gold or chrome stencils are elegant and modish, best for living rooms, dining rooms and hallway walls. Keep your patterns classy and lines clean. Avoid overcrowding and complicated patterns.

stenciled grey wall

53.   Canvas Clipboard Collection

Creative, impressive and captivating. This canvas clipboard collection is easy to make and affordable. The frayed canvas edges give it a bohemian charm, while the colourful floral prints are beautiful and graceful. Make it more personal by choosing a theme of your interest.

canvas clipboard

54.   Modern Firework Sticks

Turn random objects into works of art. This avant-garde firework stick home décor will fit right in any modern home. Take a small Styrofoam ball, stick in bamboo skewers and spray paint the whole thing. For wall accents, halve the ball and cover only the curved part with sticks.  

fireworks sticks

55.   Framed Driftwood

This is a popular and easy to do wall décor. But its simplicity is part of the charm. Buy wood frames in craft stores, forage for dry twig branches and with a cutter and glue gun, get down to work.

framed twig branch

56.   Pressed Leaf Frames

Show your appreciation of nature and of the diverse and lovely patterns of leaves with this gorgeous pressed leaf frames. Simply collect and press colourful and beautiful leaves and arrange them on glass frames.  

framed pressed leaves

57.   Flower Strings

Let out the free spirit and bohemian in you. Dress up a bedroom wall, the living room or the study with a curtain of flower strings. You can opt for synthetic flowers for longer use or your fave blooms for special occasions.

floral strings wall decor

58.   Wire Mesh Plant Holders

This hexagon screen plant holders are sleek, contemporary and minimalist. It will complement the stylish home and modern interiors. All you need are steel wire mesh, metal cutters, welding machine and a free weekend to work on your project.

steel mesh planters

59.   Beehive Racks

Ingenious, functional and attention-grabbing! The steel grey shade is modern and matches the light grey wall. This beehive organiser rack will keep your space neat while adorning a blank wall. It can also function as a display rack for personal items.

beehive wall rack

60.   Plated Wall

Plates have a wide range of designs, sizes and colours – perfect wall décors! This blue and white plate wall feature does not only revitalise the wall, it also gives a warm Mediterranean vibe to the entire room!

plates on a wall

Do you have any attention-grabbing, inspired, and creative DIY wall feature projects to add? Why not discuss it on our RenoForum!